Discovery Discipline

Product Discovery made efficient

The Discovery Discipline method by Tristan Charvillat and Rémi Guyot is the result of 15 years of experience in the Tech Industry.

This 7-step method gives all the keys to transform problems into solutions, to gain speed of execution, quality, and confidence.

Actionable and pragmatic, this method finally gives the keys to make Product Discovery terribly efficient.

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About the Authors

‍Rémi and Tristan met 15 years ago while working at PayPal. In 2015, they joined BlaBlaCar which became one of the most iconic and loved French tech Unicorn.

During the last 15 years,  they built together this methodology brick by brick based on their experience and field experimentations. This 7-step approach is behind the success of BlaBlacar million-user Product.

Tristan Charvillat
VP Design
Rémi Guyot
Chief Product Officer

7 steps to Master
Product Discovery



Product Discovery is hard, Discovery Discipline makes it efficient.


Chapter 1: FRAME

Start it from the end and make sure your ambition is clear as a bell!


Chapter 2: OBSERVE

Discover the First Use Case and optimize our solution to provide the best possible response.


Chapter 3: CLAIM

Force yourself to clarify the value proposition and the messaging. This is time well spent!


Chapter 4: UNFOLD

Think beyond the Product and unfold an end-to-end consistent story.


Chapter 5: STEAL

Spot the golden nuggets from your competition and make them yours.


Chapter 6: EXECUTE

The bricks are there, they must be assembled. Now is the time to transform a solution into a Product.


Chapter 7: DECIDE

With intense testing, assess the understanding of your Product

Real life examples!
At each step, follow the application of the method through a real project of BlaBlaCar.

What Product Leaders Say About the Book

Simple, very structured and highly actionable.

Romaïssa Cherbal
Product Director @ leboncoin

Clear and efficient steps to structure Product Discovery.

Amandine Durr
CPO @ Back Market

A surgical method to maximize empathy towards the user

Léa Mendes Da Silva
VP Design @ Payfit

Un framework précis, actionnable et facile à mémoriser.

Mathieu Micheneau
Design Director @ Qonto

Share your Experiences

This method comes from 15 years of practice.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive implementation tips, share a success story, or suggest an improvement.

Maybe your contribution will be included in the second edition of the Discovery Discipline!

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